Aon Basic Healthcare Insurance

In The Netherlands foreign students must have insurance covering medical expenses. The Dutch authorities oblige some foreign students to have a public healthcare insurance called Basic Healthcare Insurance ("basisverzekering"). Every permanent resident or temporary resident working in the Netherlands has one.

When do you need Dutch Basic Healthcare insurance?

The following document will help you to determine whether you are required to apply for the Basic Healthcare Insurance or not during your stay in The Netherlands.

Foreign students do not need Basic Healthcare insurance if they are not employed* (you don't pay tax) in The Netherlands.

*Parttime jobs and paid internships (EUR 150 / month and EUR 1.500/ year) count as a job.

How to apply for Basic Healthcare insurance

If you are required by Dutch law to obtain the Basic Healthcare Insurance for your primary medical expenses, Aon offers a special Basic Healthcare Insurance at a competitive rate for international students (group discount of 7,5%).

Apply for Dutch Basic Healthcare insurance

Deductible: some costs you pay out of your own pocket

With Aon Basic Healthcare Insurance you decide the amount of deductible. This is the amount you need to pay out of your own pocket when you make a claim. In 2016 this mandatory deductible does not apply to appointments with your general practitioner, gynaecology and maternity care. The mandatory deductible in 2016 is € 385 per calendar year. You can also choose € 500 voluntary deductible. So the total deductible is € 885. If you choose voluntary deductible, you pay a lower premium.

Obligatory deductible Additional voluntary deductible Premium per month
€385 €0 €114,47
€385 €500 €94,47

Insurance for travel and stay

The Dutch Basic Healthcare insurance covers your medical costs. You also need insurance for travel and stay. We advise you to purchase the ICS Start+ or ICS Start in addition to your Basic Healthcare Insurance.


A Coverage overview Basic Healthcare Insurance 2018 (insured amounts) for the Basic Healthcare insurance can be found in the document below.

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