Aon Student Insurance

All Student Insurance packages in one overview.

ICS Complete

Health, Travel + Stay

Starting from

€39,30 per month About ICS Complete

ICS Start+

Travel + Stay
+ Extra medical care

€29,90 per month About ICS Start+

ICS Start

Travel + Stay

€15,90 per month About ICS Start

Basic Health care

Health insurance

If you are required by Dutch law to obtain the Basic Healthcare Insurance for your primary medical expenses, Aon can offer the Basic Healthcare Insurance at a competitive rate.

Starting from

€75,45 per month About Basic Health Care

Not every package is right for you. It depends on:

  • Your homeland & destination
  • If your going to have an income
  • Your age

Just find out which ICS Package is most suited to you!

Based on a few questions we’ll be able to tell you which insurance package you need.

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4 reasons for choosing Aon Student Insurance

Over 150000 students have already chosen our student insurance.

Aon has more than 25 years of experience in student insurance.

You can use your insurance certificate to apply for visa in many countries.

24/7 emergency assistance helpline.